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Thank you for coming to I will do my best to keep you up to date vis-à-vis manners and etiquette in a world that is changing too fast.

Perhaps you find yourself facing an apparently insoluble quandary. will offer you new takes on your problem.

I am here to help you 24/7. Do you have a question about the wedding or the cocktail party you're planning, and need advice--or just want to be reassured that you're on the right track with manners or dress code? Maybe you want to know how to behave in an unfamiliar situation.

My answers are all fresh and practical. So, jump into the world of etiquette in the 21st Century. Take a look at "Frequently Asked Questions", where you will find solid advice about Codes and Conduct, Entertaining, Relationships, and Wedding Etiquette.

If you don't find the information you need in the FAQ areas, please feel free to ask me a question by clicking on Ask Didi. I will send you my opinion in a timely fashion. The more information and insight you give me about yourself and your problem, the more precise and helpful my answer will be.


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